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Mega Capacity
More Room to Dry
SmartThinQ Technology


LG SideKick

Upgrade Your Washer & Dryer with LG Signature from Sears

Getting through laundry day can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. Outfit your laundry room with a top-of-the-line washer and dryer bundle with all of the latest features to get your laundry done quickly. The new line of LG Signature products have everything you need to get your clothes clean and dry the first time.

Today’s washers and dryers have all kinds of bells and whistles, but the LG Signature series at Sears has pulled out all of the stops to get through that dirty hamper in time to get to your other tasks. From a larger capacity to TurboWash® technology, your washing machine can now fully handle all of your family’s clothes, towels and bedding. Give your clothes extra special attention with the LG SideKick™ that lets you wash smaller loads on a custom setting. Monitor your washer and dryer wherever you are from your smartphone using Smart ThinQ™ technology.

An LG Signature 4-piece laundry bundle is just what your family needs to know all of your clothes and linens get a proper clean. Enjoy 5.8 cu. ft. of space in your new front-load washer and an extra 1.0 cu. ft. of space in your LG SideKick™ pedastal washer. Even the bulkiest bedding is no match for the 9.0 cu. ft. of space in your new dryer. Not only will every load come out clean and fresh, but this matching bundle looks sleek to give your laundry room a modern feel. Your home deserves the best, so go with an LG Signature laundry set from Sears.