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Start the Morning Off Right

Walking Shoes

The first order of fitness?
Comfy, supportive footwear.

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Athletic Apparel

Stay dry during workouts
with moisture-wicking outfits.

shop women's athletic apparel

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Bathroom Scales

Track weight, water, bone density
& more in the convenience of home. 

shop bathroom scales

Eat Healthier


Grind greens, fruits & nuts
into powerhouse pulps.

shop Nutribullets


Food Scale

Perfect measurements make it easier
to count calories & control portions.

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Storage Container

Prepare today, enjoy tomomrrow. Keep
your snacks fresh for when you need them.

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Vitamins & Supplements

Boost energy, metabolism & more
with essential nutrients.

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Protein powders

Build lean muscle & recover
more quickly from workouts.

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Diet Supplements

Ramp up weight-loss efforts with
herbs, roots & other natural extracts.

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End Your Day by Moving More

Fitness Accessories

Round out your routine
with workout essentials.

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Fitness Trackers

Track steps, calories, heart rates
& other health metrics.

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Yoga Accessories

From cushy mats to grippy socks, we've
got gear for yogis of every skill level.

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Buying a Treadmill

They offer endless miles of track in your home. But which type is right for you?

read our buying guide

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Buying an Elliptical

These low-impact machines burn calories while taking it easy on your joints.

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Meet with an Expert

Learn how to get fit with help from Sears

There are many factors that lead to a healthier lifestyle. However, knowing how and where to start is always the biggest challenge. If you're looking to meet your fitness goals head on, Sears has all the products and information for how to get fit. Find everything from the latest treadmills and exercise bikes to tips for healthy eating.

When you're beginning a new routine, it's important to start simple. Sears' Healthier You page offers advice on how to start working out with light and easy exercises. For advanced exercisers, you'll even find info on intense workouts. Once you nail down which routine is best for you, check out our comprehensive guides to learn more about the equipment, ranging from elliptical trainers to weight training products. Need some help finding tasty and nutritious foods? We also offer tips on healthy and delicious foods, so you can find meal options and snacks that suit you best.

Getting fit requires the right gear. Browse our page for the latest fitness products and activewear so you can exercise comfortably without always going to the gym. From top-of-the-line gear and clothes to guides and tips, Sears is here to help create a healthier you year-round.