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Back to Campus Essentials

Whether you're sending your child off to college for the first time or you've gone through the process once before, you know there's nothing wrong with being too prepared. Regardless if your college student is living in the dorms or moving into an apartment on campus, he or she will need some basic dorm room essentials, gear and décor when living away from home. As a parent, you can feel a little more at ease knowing your child is prepared with a selection of items from Sears' back-to-campus collection. From storage to cookware to bedding and furniture, your child's apartment or dorm room will have everything they need to survive the school year.

Regardless where your child lives, whether it's a dorm or apartment, he or she needs to create their own personal space. The most important piece of furniture and décor your college student needs to create that comfort zone is their bedding and mattress. College students spend a lot of time on their bed, whether they'll be sleeping or studying is up to them, but their bed is the focal point in their dorm room. Find bedding collection sets which include the comforter, sheets and pillowcases in a pattern and color your student will love. Get matching rugs, clocks, lamps and other practical decorations for your kid's dorm or apartment so they feel more at ease with living on their own.

Despite the fact that college students love to live off ramen noodles, they'll need more sustenance in order to survive. With the right cookware and small kitchen appliances, college students can prepare their own meals when cafeterias and on-campus restaurant deliveries end. Students don't need to plan their meals for specific hours when they can make their own meals or snacks in their dorm or apartment. If your child lives in the dorms, be sure that certain small appliances are acceptable before purchasing, as certain regulations may apply.

Of course, as with any back-to-campus season, one of the most important parts is updating your wardrobe. While young adults know how to get the most of their clothes and creating versatile outfits, it doesn't hurt to grab a few extra pieces to expand that wardrobe. They may want to wear university t-shirts and jeans all year long, but for those times when they're not in class or going to a job expo, they'll need something a little more professional to guarantee that summer internship, like a blazer or suit.

Before you move your college student back to campus, be sure they're prepared for the year ahead of them. From bedding to storage, from computers and eReaders for coursework and textbook access to other electronics, find everything he or she needs this school year at Sears. Make the move back to campus as seamless as possible with the best campus gear and supplies for your student.