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Home Automation

Connected Home Solutions: Smart Home Technology

Imagine being able to control every appliance and utility in your home without leaving the comfort of your chair. Connected Home Automation accessories from trusted brands like Belkin WeMo, Motorola and Sony can give you that level of unmatched convenience and control when it comes to integrating your home electronics. These appliances interact with mobile Internet devices to put switching, dimming, home security and monitoring capabilities right at your fingertips anywhere you have a wireless connection.


When it comes to safety, connectedness is key. Put together a complete integrated smart home safety system with top-brand devices from Sears Connected Life. Set up an early-warning detection network against intruders with high-tech security cameras from Swann, Night Owl and Revo, and you can enjoy the peace of mind provided by a 360-degree view of your home and surrounding property. Link up your exterior cameras to your mobile device and you'll be able to keep tabs on a real-time video feed no matter what room of the house you're in.


Of course, there's more to safety than surveillance. Connected Home offers reliable monitoring devices which run in the background of your life, keeping you and your loved ones safe day and night. Integrated smoke alarms provide early warning of fire at all hours, delivering alerts right to your tablet even when you're not at home to hear the alarm. Those with young children will appreciate smart baby monitors from Safety 1st and Summer Infant; a fussy baby will send an alert straight to your smartphone, letting you know when it's time to heat up a bottle or change diapers. Maximize your safety and bring together a complete electronically integrated home with Connected Home solutions from Sears.