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Finding the Right Mattress Matters - We spend one third of our lives in bed. The right mattress can make the other two thirds that much better.
Wake up refreshed

Wake up fully charged

No more dragging yourself out of bed. With quality sleep, you'll look forward to the morning and say goodbye to your snooze alarm. 

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Benefits of a great night's sleep

Better nights and better days

A great night’s sleep helps you perform at your best. You’ll have focus, stamina, and increased energy the whole day through. 

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benefits of a good night’s sleep

Customize your sleep solution

It’s all about you

Custom tailor your sleep solution. Your body type, partner, comfort and sleep preferences influence which mattress is the best fit for you. 

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How You Sleep Matters

Your sleep position plays a big role in determining which mattress will give you the best night's sleep. Whether you sleep on your side, back, stomach, or you like to mix things up, variations in mattress comfort levels, support and size matter. And don't hesitate to curl up in your favorite sleep position when you visit the store to make your final mattress choice.


Back sleeping position

Back sleeper

Many back sleepers like firmer mattresses because they provide support to the back and neck, while eliminating uneven pressure that can cause lower back discomfort.

Side sleeping position

Side sleeper

Softer mattresses can contour to your body's curves to relieve pressure points and help keep your spine aligned. A mattress that's too soft or firm may cause you to awake with a sore back.

Stomach sleeping position

Stomach sleeper

A mix of firmness and cushion evenly distributes weight and eases stress on pressure points. A medium-firm mattress can prevent an arching back and support your torso for better spine alignment.

Mixed sleeping position

Mixed sleeper

Mixed sleepers need to be comfortable in any position. Consider a mattress that's soft enough for side sleeping but with enough support when you're on your back or stomach.



Comfort Type Matters

Comfort is as important as support when it comes to a good night's sleep. From firm to plush, there are many comfort levels to choose from for pressure relief, but the ideal amount of padding on the top of your mattress is a matter of personal preference. Of course, the best way to know if a mattress is right for you is to try it out in the store, but here are some tips to help you understand the differences.


Firm mattress


Firm mattresses have a tighter weave and less padding than other comfort levels. This type of mattress will provide less give under the weight of your body and is popular with many back sleepers.

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Plush mattress


Plush mattresses have a generous amount of cushioning and help soothe pressure points throughout your body as you sleep. Side sleepers often favor this comfort level.

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Pillow top mattress

Pillow top

A pillow top has extra layers of upholstery on the top of the mattress to provide additional cushioning. The pillow top can range in feel from firmer to more plush so you can choose which is most comfortable for you.

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Mattress Type Matters

While the mattress top provides your ideal comfort level, the mattress type is key for providing you with the proper support and alignment. Support can be targeted to certain areas of your body or evenly distributed from head to toe, depending on the mattress construction. Learn if an innerspring, hybrid or memory foam mattress is right for you.

Innerspring mattress


An innerspring mattress uses different steel core constructions to create varying degrees of support. Springs can be interwoven into a single piece or individually wrapped. A variety of spring shapes, guages and counts are available.

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Hybrid mattress


Hybrid mattresses combine elements of innerspring and memory foam construction. What that means is you'll get the support of an innerspring mattress as well as a foam surface that conforms to your body's curves.

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Memory foam mattress

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses use state-of-the-art technology to conform to your body and evenly distribute your weight. The latest innovations also help with climate control and body temperature regulation.

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Size Matters

Partners, pets and space considerations are all things to think about when determining mattress size. Life changes, such as getting a new apartment or getting married, also may mean it's time for a new mattress. Always remember to take measurements to ensure you'll have enough room to maneuver your mattress through hallways and stairwells, and make sure it will fit properly in your space.


Twin mattress dimensions - 39 by 75 inches
Twin XL mattress dimensions - 39 by 80 inches
Full mattress dimensions - 54 by 75 inches
Queen mattress dimensions - 60 by 80 inches
King mattress dimensions - 76 by 80 inches
California king mattress dimensions - 72 by 84 inches
Foundation Matters

Foundations complete your mattress sleep solution. Not only do foundations and box springs help raise your bed to your desired height, they also provide support for your mattress and help maximize its life span. Whether you choose to partner your mattress with a box spring, an adjustable base or a platform, you can easily find the perfect foundation to fit your lifestyle.


Lifestyle adjustable base

Adjustable base

An adjustable base offers positional support, ideal for watching TV or working in bed.

Traditional 9 inch box spring

9" Traditional box

This standard-height foundation works with a variety of mattress types to provide support and height. 

Low profile 5 inch box spring

5" Low profile

Use this option when the combined mattress and traditional box spring height is too high.

Split mattress box spring

Split foundation

Two box springs are used for larger beds or in cases where easy maneuvering is needed.

Platform bed mattress foundation

Platform foundation

A platform base gives your mattress the support and lift it needs without the need for a box spring.

Trying It Out Matters

While many factors can help you customize your perfect sleep solution, it’s important to try out your mattress in person at your nearest store before making a final decision.


Bring your partner

If you sleep with a partner, be sure you agree on your mattress. Consider if either of you move around a lot while you sleep and if you need a mattress that can absorb movement.

Try multiple mattresses

Test out a few different mattresses with varying construction types and comfort levels so you can compare the difference in how they feel.

Take your time

Lie in your preferred sleep position and move around to see how the mattress reacts. Take some time to determine if the support and comfort levels feel right for you.

Ask questions

Our experts are here to help you find the perfect sleep solution. If you have any questions about your mattress or foundation, be sure to let them know.

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