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Sears Online Layaway

Four easy steps to get what you want

Sears Online Layaway Agreement

1. Where allowed by law, this layaway is subject to a non-refundable layaway fee of $5 for 8 week contracts and $10 for 12 week contacts. No partial pick-up or partial cancellations.

2. Layaways which are delinquent in payments by more than 7 days may be cancelled by Sears. A cancellation fee of $15.00 for 8 week contracts/$25.00 cancellation fee for 12 week contracts will be charged on layaways that are cancelled, refunded or which are delinquent in payments by more than 7 days (10 days for OH, 15 days for MD). MD cancellation fee is 10% of total merchandise cost. No cancellation fee in OH. RI cancellation fee is up to 10% of payments made to date at time of cancellation.

3. Layaway period is determined by final payment due date and will be either 8 or 12 weeks depending on type of merchandise. Currently, a 12-week contract is only available in-store on purchases $400 or more at Sears, $300 or more at Kmart. Requires bi-weekly payments. Total number of payments depends on final payment due date.

4. Down payment is $10.00 or 10% of the total purchase, whichever is greater unless otherwise specified.

5. All layaways must be paid in full and arranged to be picked up within 15 days after final due date. If not, order will be cancelled, returned to stock, and cancellation fee will be deducted for your refund. Select items may require off premise storage and will be made available 7 days after final payment. See store sales associate for details.

6. Price adjustments cannot be facilitated online. For in-store price adjustments, no adjustments after 14 days from layaway start date. Except where prohibited by law, multiple price adjustments on the same item are not permitted and price adjustments not allowed on clearance merchandise.

7. By providing customer info and telephone number or email address to Sears, you expressly agree that Sears may use those methods to contact you, including contacting you at any telephone number provided and via pre-recorded messages, concerning your layaway purchase. You also agree that Sears and its affiliates may use this contact info for marketing messages that may be of interest to you.


1) Contract cancellations not allowed online and must be done at the store designated at contract initiation.

2) Layaway contracts must be picked up in stores where the merchandise is being held within 15 days after final payment is made and merchandise is made available. Is there an option to ship this merchandise?

Notice to RI customers: You are entitled to a copy of this document at the time you sign; you may pay full balance due under this agreement at any time, and in RI, you may be entitled to a partial rebate of finance and insurance charges if applicable; you may also cancel this agreement if you notify seller in person or by certified or registered mail within 10 calendar days after you sign the agreements excluding Sundays and Holidays.

Notice to OH customers: If your purchase amount is over $500.00 and you default on this agreement you are entitled to purchase merchandise equal to the amount paid at the time of default or we will provide a refund less cancellation fee. If you cancel by written notice within 5 days of this agreement you will receive a full refund.

Notice to NY customers: If stored off premise, no merchandise will be removed from inventory until 50% of the purchase price has been paid.

Unless full payment is made according this agreement, merchandise will be returned to stock 

see terms and conditions

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Add any item marked “Layaway Eligible” to cart and go to checkout. Select “Pay with Layaway” to get started.

Make a down payment

This is due when you initiate your contract and includes the service fee.

Make payments every 2-weeks

Pay online or at your pickup store using cash, check or a credit or debit card. You can opt in for payment reminders.

Get your items

Once you’ve made your last payment, we’ll send you an email letting you know your item is Ready to Ship or Ready for Pickup.


Layaway Options

Layaway Options

Layaway available in-store, online and mobile.  Contract initiation fees may apply. All fees are nonrefundable. Service and cancellation fees apply, no partial cancellations permitted. Cancellations can only be made in store.  No cancellation fee in Ohio. Layaway contracts require biweekly payments, with option to spread across 8-week or 12-week contract. Only 8-week contracts offered in Maryland and Washington D.C. 12- week layaway option only available in store for purchases of $400 or more.  Exclusions may apply.  See associate for details.

see details


Get your Layaway questions answered

How long is a Layaway contract?

Layaway contracts are 8 weeks. 12-week contracts are available in store only for purchases of $400
or more.

Are there any fees?

Except where prohibited by law, an 8-week contract requires a $5 Service Fee and a 12-week layaway contract requires a $10 Service Fee.*

Can I cancel a Layaway contract?

Yep! However, you can only cancel a contract in store and must make a full cancellation. Once you do, you’ll receive a full refund of any payments made to date (minus service and cancellation fees).

Are all items available for Layaway?

Only items featuring the label “Layaway Eligible” can be purchased with Layaway. You can find this label on the product page—just above your delivery and pickup options.


What are my payments?

4 easy payments of balance due are required after down payment for an 8-week contract and 6 easy payments of balance due are required for a 12-week contract.

What if I miss a Layaway payment?

You have a 14 day grace period after your payment due date before your contract is cancelled and items are returned to stock. A nonrefundable Cancellation Fee will apply.*

Where can I make my payments?

You can make payments in store or online in the Layaway Center. You’ll find the link in the drop-down menu when you click Your Account at the top of any page, or under the More tab on your Account page.


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Buy it your way with Sears layaway online

When you shop at Sears, you don’t have to put off those big purchases until later. With easy setup and payment methods available for any purchase, you can lock in that new kitchen table, dishwasher or big screen television right away. Shop our online layaway service and we'll hold your items for you. Divide up the price into easy, affordable payments over an 8-week period, and you'll be able to bring home your purchase in no time.

With our online layaway store, you can take advantage of today's low prices, and you don’t have to put down a large lump sum up front. Big ticket items like home appliances and electronics are super affordable when you pay by installments. Online layaway is also available for everyday items like clothing, accessories and shoes. You can even shop for kids' toys in our online layaway store, which is perfect for those holiday purchases.

Even the biggest buys are affordable with online layaway at Sears. No credit is required, and if you cancel the purchase you receive a full refund minus your service and cancellation fees. Sears Layaway is not available at all stores or at Hometown, Hardware or Outlet locations, except Puerto Rico.