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LG InstaView™

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Offer valid 8/27/20-10/21/20

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LG InstaView Features
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Get an Inside Look with LG InstaView™ Refrigerators

Have you ever been standing in front of an open refrigerator just waiting for something to magically look appetizing? Well, while you're standing there hoping that bottle of mustard turns into a pizza, you're letting out all your cool air. That can reduce the freshness of your food and reduce shelf life. Th InstaView™ feature is available on everything from space-saving side-by-side fridges to large-capacity four-door models.

Give your fridge two knocks and you'll illuminate the interior. Using tinted glass, the InstaView™ feature gives you a quick glance inside the easy-access door. That way you can graze with your eyes for a snack or drink without letting out all the cool air. Plus you’ll know your chilled favorites are always within arm’s reach. You won't have to worry about your kids, or your significant other, letting all the cold air out thanks to this chill-saving feature from LG.

Whether you want a full-depth refrigerator with LG's InstaView™ or something more compact, you can find just the model to fit your lifestyle. Keep your food fresher longer by reducing cold air loss when hunting for something to satisfy your sweet tooth.