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Maytag® washers handle the toughest laundry loads

If you're looking for durability, performance and efficiency, look no further than Maytag®. Sears has Maytag® washers that can handle the toughest stains with ease. Toss in your kids' grass-stained pants, hit the PowerWash® button and your Maytag® washing machine will send an extra boost of power to fight even set-in stains. Washing clothes is easier now than ever, just toss in your family's t-shirts, pants and intimates, press start and let Maytag® do the rest.

Front-load washers, like the Maxima® Washer, are high-efficiency and even meet CEE tier 3 standards. These washers have other features like the allergen cycle and PowerWash® to handle even the toughest laundry loads. Moms who need to do a lot of laundry at once will love Maytag's® front-load systems. You can fit more clothing in each load that gives moms more free time.

If you don't have large loads every time you do laundry, the top-load washing machine from Maytag® may be for you. Although top-load machines hold slightly less, they're just as efficient when it comes to getting this chore crossed off your list. Maytag's® powerful stainless steel wash baskets are heavy-duty and can handle it all from denim to duvets. Find your new Maytag® washing machine at Sears.