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Deciding on the right mattress goes beyond choosing between full, queen and king. Your body type is another key factor in selecting the best mattress for you. With the proper materials supporting your body, you'll wake up feeling rested, refreshed and ready to take on the day. 

Mattress tips for a small build

If you have a small build

If you're on the lighter end of the scale, a memory foam mattress will let you easily sink into your bed.

  • Memory foam conforms to the body quickly, providing a comfortable feel for lighter people.
  • Coil mattresses tend to feel too firm for smaller individuals since coils typically require more weight to become comfortable.
  • Avoid a thick pillow top. It requires more weight to sink into. You'll rest too much on top of the mattress and not feel its effects. 
Mattress tips for a medium build

If you have a medium build

If you have a medium build consider hybrid mattresses. They offer the best of both types of construction.

  • A hybrid mattress mixes memory foam and coils that together will provide ample support while also conforming to your body.
  • Beneath the memory or latex foam is an innerspring construction. The layer of springs gives you just the right amount of support without being too stiff.
Mattress tips for a large build

If you have a large build

If you're taller or stockier you'll want a traditional mattress with some additional features so you can sleep your best.

  • Springs traditionally offer the most support and stability for larger-frame sleepers.
  • You'll make the most out of a pillow top. It adds an extra layer between you and the springs and will turn your mattress into a cloud.
  • One main consideration for you to keep in mind is the overall thickness of the mattress. You'll want it to be between 12 and 14 inches thick for a perfect night's sleep. This thickness range provides optimal padding to offer the support you need. 
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