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Winter Supplies: Get the Best Winter and Snow Supplies

It's never too soon to start getting ready for cold weather. You don't want to wait until the roads are icy and snow's coming down to stock up on winter supplies and snow removal gear, so shop Sears ahead of time and get prepared. Here you find everything you need to put together a comprehensive cold weather plan. Whether you're looking for the latest model of electric snow blower , a dependable salt spreader or a simple snow shovel, our wide selection of winter and snow supplies guarantees you'll find exactly what you need.

Being prepared for winter is about more than just snow removal. Don't just keep your driveway and walkways free of snow; make sure you lay in a supply of indoor heating equipment against the possibility of a blizzard or ice storm. For warming individual rooms, it's hard to beat an infrared heater from SunStar, Dr Infrared or New Comfort. These portable heaters are just the right size to warm an individual room, which allows you to save on your heating bill by switching off central heat. For a more traditional heating option, try a Duraflame or LifeSmart electric fireplace with classic wood paneling and hearthstone detail finish. Of course, electric heating options are no good if hail or sleet bring down the power lines, so make sure to invest in a dependable standby generator from Generac or Briggs & Stratton.

You may be tempted to stay in your house all the time during the coldest winter months, but sometimes there's just no avoiding going out. When running errands or commuting to work takes you out onto the road this winter, you'll want to make sure your car is just as winter proof as your home. Swap in a set of snow tires  on your car, then add tire chains or tire studs for extra traction on icy surfaces. Low temperatures can also cause problems with car ignition, so make sure your trunk is stocked with auto battery accessories like jumper cables and battery starters to prevent you from being stranded on the icy road. Don't forget that despite your precautions, it's possible to still end up stuck in a snowdrift for a few hours. Make sure your trunk is stocked with emergency accessories like flares, heating pads and blankets to stay warm in the event of an accident.

Make sure that snow, hail or sleet doesn't catch you unprepared. When white-out conditions bring down power lines, freeze pipes and block the roads, you'll be ready with your own supply of cold weather gear. From shovels to emergency blizzard supplies to winter boots for the family, Sears has the winter supplies you need to stay warm and safe this winter.