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Frequently Asked Questions  


Zip is a payment platform that gives shoppers the choice to pay for their purchases via 4 simple installments using a credit or debit card. Zip automatically splits the purchase amount into 4 payments, every two weeks. Zip empowers you to buy now, pay over time.


Zip requires your name, address, date of birth, a US mobile number, and either a debit or credit card for sign up. Instead of having a traditional username and password, Zip requires a mobile phone number and text message verification.


In order to have an account with Zip, you must:

·       Live in the US

·       Be at least 18 years old

·       Have a valid and verifiable mobile number

·       Use a credit or debit card to make a purchase


You can sign up during the checkout process. For the initial sign up Zip will just need your date of birth, a mobile number, and either a debit or credit card. You'll know if you are approved instantly!


The easiest way to manage your Zip orders is via our app which you can download here.

Zip also has a Customer Portal where you can log in by entering your mobile number or email address and have instant access to your current and past orders at

Zip notifies customers with payment reminders via SMS and email before each payment is due.


Your first installment of 25% of the purchase price is due at the time of checkout. The remaining three installments will be billed automatically, every two weeks.


Of course. Just log into the App or Customer Portal and choose the order you wish to pay early.

It’s important to notify Zip to avoid a late fee if your payment method is not up-to-date. Payments are automatic, however, Zip charges late fees in certain instances, such as if your payment cannot be processed because your debit card account has insufficient funds or your credit card is no longer valid. For more information on late fees, please see Zip’s help page.


Zip associates your card with your order when you first complete the checkout process. If you need to change which payment method is used for future installments for an order, follow these steps to associate a different card with a given order. This will cause all further installments for that order to be billed against your new card.


1.     Log into the Customer Portal at

2.     Go to the Orders Page and click View Order for the order you would like to change.

3.     Click Edit next to the payment card, select the card you’d like to use, and click “Use this Card”


As soon as Zip is notified of the return, our customers are refunded the amount they’ve paid to date and Zip cancels all future payments. In the event of a partial refund, scheduled installments are reduced/canceled first and then paid installments are refunded.


Please see Zip’s Help Center article on common error messages. If you have further questions, you can contact Zip Support by submitting a request at


If you received a Zip refund and did not cancel your order, don’t worry! There is a slight delay in shipment for your order, and you will be recharged when the order is ready to be shipped.


When an attempt at a purchase is made you may see a pending charge on your statement. This is called an authorization hold. Those charges are pending charges and ones that should fall off within the next 3-5 days. If any of the pending charges do post to your account or if you have further questions, you can contact Zip Support by submitting a request at


Quadpay was acquired in 2020 by global payments pioneer, Zip. The next step was to unify all of Zip’s companies under one name. Zip is an 8-year old global leader who pioneered the Buy Now, Pay Later space in Australia. They serve 5 continents with 51,000+ merchants and 7.3 million consumers. Just like Quadpay, Zip’s buy now, pay later payment platform offers access to interest-free installments, along with other innovative and consumer-friendly products that make it easy to stay on track financially.

It doesn’t. The Quadpay name and logo changed, but our login details are the same.