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Alienware Laptops

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Alienware laptops:  Settle for nothing but victory.  Explore the Alienware range of products at Sears

Enter the league of extraordinary gamers and raise the bar on the competition with lightning-fast graphics and intuitive innovation offered by the Alienware store at Sears.

Elevate the caliber of your gaming performance as you leverage the power of Alienware Aurora.  Designed to immerse you in the world of Virtual Reality (VR), this mid-tower desktop powerhouse smashes boundaries and throws open a million opportunities to make you a game-changer.  The combination of NVIDIA graphics, a 9th Gen Intel Core processor and the Windows 10 Home platform propel you into action with lag-free sequences and crystal-clear visuals that ensure you never miss a single detail.  The sleek design and and  exhaust fan ensure ample airflow to keep the system cool even as the plot heats up.  Fifteen USB ports give you the freedom to build your VR setup.  The highlight is tool-less access which puts you in line for seamless upgrades in the future.

If you are looking to transform your gameplay, then find a dependable ally in Alienware Area-51.  Intel Core processors give you all the speed you need to mega task while the generous memory configurations let you do anything from gaming and streaming to 3D designing and editing.  Dual-liquid cooled graphics cards deliver a impressive experience and the 14 USB ports ensure hassle-free connectivity.  Looking ahead, this triad unit supports tool-less access graphics and expansion cards so you can climb a new level in gaming proficiency with each new update.   

Stay mobile even as you remain focused on annihilating the enemy and ruling supreme over your turf with Alienware’s gaming laptops.  Featuring a stunning slim and lightweight form and loaded with the latest NVIDIA graphics technology, the Alienware m15 lets you carry and complete your exploits wherever you go.  The full HD (1920 x 1080) display brings every nuance to life and you can count on Cryo-Tech v2.0 thermal technology to keep the device cool even as the game gets heated.   

Alienware has accessories to perfectly hone your skills and better your conquests and strategies.  Consider the AW768 Pro Gaming keyboard if you want more power at your fingertips or the AW958 Elite gaming mouse if you are all about speed.  Also offering monitors that bring you razor-sharp visuals, wireless headsets, and graphics amplifiers to extend the fun streak.

Eliminate invaders, unravel conspiracies, explore the universe and cleanse underworlds.  Be a part of the ultimate gaming movement with the Alienware store at Sears.