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Anest Iwata Airbrushes & Spray Guns:  Get all the Precision, Flexibility and Speed that You Need with Anest Iwata Range of Tools



Whether you are a budding home mechanic or running an established workshop, Anest Iwata is just what you need to build up your collection of compressors, air hoses and other accessories.  Finding the right compressor to power your spray gun helps minimize common painting errors and steps up productivity.  With Anest Iwata’s range you can find one that offers the right amount of power to get the job done.

Propelled by LV technology, the sprayers have a tulip-inspired spray pattern and are designed in varied configurations to suit diverse applications.  If you looking at spraying fillers, primers or sealers, the Iwata LPH400 LV Gravity Fed Spray Gun is a great choice.  The sharp edged spray design enables optimal overlap so your painting tasks are completed efficiently.  The Studio Series Smart Jet Pro Single Piston Air Compressor operates in the 1-35psi range and is equipped with helpful features like moisture filter and auto shut-off.

Anest Iwata’s painting equipment is a great addition to your tool kitty.  Stay equipped to tackle marathon paint jobs or small touch up applications with high pressure spray guns and applicators, pump systems and pressure pots.  The high performance Hi-Line Ah dual-action, slotted gravity feed helps spray minimal amount of custom mixed colors efficiently.

When you are keen on picking the right tool for your task and pay close attention to the specifications, choosing the right accessory is also paramount.  Anest Iwata’s collection is comprehensive and includes everything from air hoses, quick disconnect sets, nozzles, bottle feed brushes, airbrush holders, air cap assembly, diaphragm regulators and color kits among others.