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Ashley Furniture:  Revamp your home decor with Ashley’s furnishing.


Whether you are inspired by everything bright and arty or just want to keep things subtle and sublime, the Ashley store has just what you need.  Now you can create an environment that is customized to suit your taste and budget.  The vibrant use of color, texture and design makes the Ashley collection truly unique.  The furniture and home décor pieces exemplify a mix of modern elegance and minimal classicism to create a beautiful space.

Imagine your private space with a luxurious Cassimore Collection queen bedroom set that comes with a dresser, two nightstands and a chest in pearl silver.  A neutral color palette is a go-to choice for those who prefer toned down bedroom décor.  Moving on to the area where you want to express your love for all things culinary, there is the Bolanburg Collection, a 7-piece dining set in country styling.

Collectibles and arty paraphernalia should meld seamlessly with the theme of any home and with Ashley’s selection, you can choose one that accents your living space in a subtle manner.  It could be wall art in taupe, a silver metal pendant light or a vanity mirror.  Choose a Trinell tall pier or an antique white display stand to showcase your fine taste in objets d'art.

On a chilly winter night, stay snug under layers of warmth and texture with Ashley’s comforter sets in lavender, aqua, alloy or white.  Add a touch of whimsy with the Constance candle holder set with an out-of-the-box silhouette or watch sparkling flames swoosh through the fireplace with inserts that keep your home cozy and relaxing.

Amp up outdoor fun with the 5-piece patio bar set, a bar table with fire pit or a bright orange outdoor umbrella.  Ashley’s repertoire also features TV stands, rugs, office desks, bookcase and filing cabinets.

Whether setting up a new home or remodeling an existing one – add several layers of personality and create a relaxing sanctuary with Ashley’s collection.