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BLACK+DECKER Tools:  Home Maintenance and Repairs are Made Simple with a Wide Variety of Tools from BLACK+DECKER at Sears


Get convenient tools based on your necessity at the BLACK+DECKER store in Sears.  Be it for on-site construction engineers or DIY enthusiasts, there are specific and exclusive tools available at the BLACK+DECKER store for all.  Shaping new furniture and repairing broken pipes is no longer a hassle, thanks to the efficient tools available at BLACK+DECKER.

Improve the ease of drilling and cutting at worksites with a range of professional power tools.  If you are looking for sturdy drills, the BLACK+DECKER lithium-ion drills are a good choice.  Compact and lightweight, the drills are focused on convenience and accuracy.  In case of cutting wood or pruning trees, the BLACK+DECKER electric cordless chainsaws are a durable choice.  Designed with low-kick bar and chain, these saws are flexible for a variety of woodwork projects.

Make yard cleaning and garden maintenance a simple task with the BLACK+DECKER lawn tools.  The BLACK+DECKER mowers use Edgemax technology for precise and quick grass cutting.  If you are looking for blowers, the handy and compact BLACK+DECKER surface sweepers are the right way to go.  Operating with low noise to clear debris, these surface sweepers are an optimal choice for garages, sidewalks or driveway cleaning.  Backyard maintenance is made refreshingly easy and quiet in the neighborhood.

Save time and money with a range of DIY tools available at BLACK+DECKER.  From project centers to workwear uniforms, the BLACK+DECKER tools have all the necessary accessories to execute woodwork or metalwork projects.  The BLACK+DECKER Workmate workbench serves as a sturdy and convenient surface for clamping different material.  If you are looking for screw fasteners or pliers, the BLACK+DECKER bypass lopper or the BLACK+DECKER rechargeable screwdriver are smart equipment choices for the roles.  Focusing on safety and accuracy, these tools are built with greater control and endurance.

Improve the efficiency of repair works and construction sites with the exclusive tools available at the BLACK+DECKER store at Sears.