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BenQ monitors and projectors:  Experience high-quality visuals with BenQ monitors and projectors at Sears.


Enjoy home entertainment with the unparalleled visual quality of BenQ monitors and projectors.  Sears houses a unique variety of BenQ monitors for gaming and full HD screens to set up work centers.  The product list also includes home theater projectors for you to screen a wide range of videos.  Set up your own entertainment den where you can watch all your favorite programs and movies with reliable BenQ monitors and projectors.

Be it for a movie buff or a gamer, BenQ has monitors for all types of specifications and requirements.  The BenQ 27” gaming monitor is optimized to give you the best gaming experience. Featuring a 16:9 screen with impeccable clarity, any game can be visualized with great attention to detail.  For professional use, the BenQ 32” LCD monitor is convenient.  If you are a graphic designer, the accurate color performance and optimal viewing angle helps you work for long hours without hassle.  Turning all your inspirations on paper into reality is possible with the high clarity that is a characteristic trait of all BenQ monitors.

Screen box-office movies and videos in the comfort of your home with BenQ projectors.  Designed to deliver razor sharp image quality and video content, these projectors offer the best home theatre setup for a Saturday night movie marathon.  The BenQ DLP full HD home theatre is a compact unit that fits comfortably into limited spaces.  Big zoom and short-throw technology enables easy installation in small rooms.  BenQ also includes accessories like mouse pads, keeping your comfort in mind.

Create a comfortable leisure space in your house with BenQ monitors and projectors from Sears.  Get all your electronic elements from BenQ and put together your very own game room or work center.