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Brita products: Upgrade Your Water Quality with Smart Brita Filter Utilities from Sears 


Water, considered the elixir of life, must be stored in a clean environment. Brita at Sears offers a range of water pitchers and filtering water bottles for convenient and hygienic water storage. Sleek and stylishly designed for the dining room, all Brita products carry a classic and pleasant look. Drink crystal clear water at home with your very own Brita water filter.

Your health is greatly influenced by the quality of the water you drink every day. The Brita tap water filter system can be easily attached to a standard faucet tap. Removing up to 60 contaminants in water, this filter system ensures cleaner and better-tasting water. Providing up to 100gal of filtered tap water, the Brita filter system offers optimum performance. For the dining area, Brita space saver pitcher  serves as compact and sturdy water dispensers. Equipped with a flip-flop lid, these pitchers make refilling hassle-free.

Stay hydrated while you travel or exercise with a Brita filtering water bottle. Sleek and portable, these bottles are easy to carry around. The replaceable filter provision reduces chlorine and odors in water. Enjoy spill-free convenience by effortlessly opening the push-button lid and drinking out of the easy-sip straw. If you are looking for a sturdier option, the Brita hard sided water bottles are a good choice. Built from aluminum with leak-proof and rustproof qualities, these bottle are an ideal companion on your daily commute.

Brita also houses a shower filtration system that helps with cleaner water for bathing. Easy to install, by replacing the existing showerhead, the Brita shower filters are a utilitarian addition to your bathroom space. Working for about 6 months without change, this filter system is durable.

Discover a smart way to store water for drinking or showering with Brita water filters and pitchers from Sears. Get both, convenience and cleanliness with every Brita product you use.