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Campbell Hausfeld Store

Campbell Hausfeld:  Whether it’s at a home garage, workshop or a professional repair shop, Campbell Hausfeld’s air compressors are reliable and easy to handle.


An esteemed air power expert, Campbell Hausfeld is renowned for its industrial and consumer grade compressors and related products. Owning an air compressor is no longer about just inflating tires, this is your go-to tool to power up your workshop or garage.  The tools in this collection are compact and portable, run quietly and can withstand wear and tear even after years of rigorous use.

The Campbell Hausfeld air compressor CE8003 is a behemoth with a commercial duty, cast iron build.  The tool comes with an oil-lubricated, 2-stage pump with a high airflow rate of 52.4CFM @ 90psi.  Ideal for powering several, high-demand air equipment, this tool is best used in auto and tire repair facilities.  Equipped with a NEMA-motor, this unit is designed to run for 15,000 hours and has a fully enclosed metal belt guard for completely safe operation.

Worried about a flat tire while you are out with friends on that much-awaited road trip?  Stock up your car boot with the Campbell Hausfeld AF011400 12V digital inflator.  The threaded air hose valve ensures zero leaks and the cooling fan springs to action if there is overheating following 30 minutes of continuous use.  Keep your workshop well-stocked with Campbell Hausfeld collection of diverse tools like the 90psi 1.4”NPT air impact wrench, dual action air sander, spray guns, die grinders, air drills and sandblasting kits.

Air compressors work best when paired with the right accessories.  The Campbell Hausfeld set features connector kits, couplers, foot valves, pressure switches and compressor filter regulator and pressure gauges among others.  Stay equipped with all that you need to smoothly execute varied repair tasks.