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Comfort Zone Heaters and Fans: Create a comfortable and convenient space with Comfort Zone appliances from Sears.


Revamp your daily style of living with a new home makeover.  Sears proudly hosts a brilliant selection of Comfort Zone heaters, fans and humidifiers for every season.  Designed to meet high quality standards, Comfort Zone appliances help you to create a cozy and comfortable living space.

Fans not only offer optimal ventilation but also help to maintain a consistent temperature in your room.  Choose from a large collection of Comfort Zone ceiling fans, table fans or even a combination of a heater and fan.  The range of fans from the brand also includes personal fans, pedestal fans, tower fans, window fans, box fans, and wall-mounted fans.  Enjoy the advantages of patented features like the space-saving Quad-Pod™ folding base, removable covers and remote controlled operations on select models.  All the fan models are easy to use, effective and quiet in operation.

If you live in an area where harsh winters are the norm, a heater is a must.  Comfort Zone heaters are nationally recognized as the leading brand of quality space heaters for homes, shops and office spaces.  Our range of heaters includes fan forced heaters, ceramic tower heaters, radiant heaters, convection heaters, oil-filled heaters and quartz infrared heaters.  These appliances are designed to incorporate advanced safety features such as overheat sensors, tip-over switches and stay-cool housing.

Running a humidifier in the winter will help to regulate the temperature at a comfortable level, without any extra strain on your heater.  It is recommended that you use both these appliances in tandem when the temperature starts to drop.  Comfort Zone humidifiers are the ideal choice for travel and in-home use, with portable and full-room models using ultrasonic, cool-mist technology.  Cool-mist humidifiers are filter free and offer maintenance-free performance.  Dual nozzles and variable mist output allow fine tuning for maximum comfort.

Live a smart life with the impressive choice of Comfort Zone home improvement solutions and accessories from Sears.