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Crock-Pot:  Whip up sumptuous meals with multi-functional Crock-Pot cookers from Sears.

When slow cookers made a foray into the urban kitchen, they soon became a popular accessory in many homes.  Now you can cook up flavor-infused sauces, braise delicate cuts of meat or get that perfectly-cooked pot of vegetables at a preset time.  These cooker sets operate with a broad range of functions that include cooking soups, meat, beans, rice, yogurt, poultry, grains and desserts.

The prep-ahead cooks will be happy to know that the Crock-Pot repertoire of slow cookers includes digital programmable versions that take you one step closer to making those ‘fall-off-the-bone’ meat dishes and flavor-packed stews among others.  The Crock-Pot 6qt. Cook & Carry Slow Cooker is just what you need for your next picnic.  Do away with the stress of transporting cooked food from home to your potluck spot and just kick back and enjoy the party.

Celebrate those special culinary moments with family and friends with the Crock-Pot SCCPMD3-BL Hook Up Oval Connectable Entertaining System.  This 3.5qt. set has a modular design and hooks up 6 units to a single power outlet. These slow cookers are stackable and hence save space. You can also toggle between low, high and warm settings.

Crock-Pot’s multi-cooker range comes with varied preset pressurized settings and works up to 70% faster than time-honored cooking methods.  The brand offers kitchen gear that comes in all shapes, colors and patterns ranging from midnight blue and charcoal to polka dots and stainless steel.  Choose from an array of cast iron skillets, lasagna pans, deep sauté pans, food warmers and bean pots where the functional and aesthetics elements balance each other out seamlessly.

Live the multi-cooker life and wake up to slow-cooked meals with a collection of cooking accessories that drives you to get adventurous in the kitchen, even if you are pressed for time.  With Crock-Pot’s assorted selection, it’s easy to pull it all together, from one-pot dinners to a full three courses, crafting culinary memories that last a long time.