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Crosley:  Improve your home interiors and exteriors with a wide variety of products from Crosley at Sears.


Enhance the ambiance and functionality of your home with electronics and furniture from Crosley at Sears. Ranging from vintage TV stands to outdoor sofa sets, Crosley has it all.  Carrying a clean straightforward style, Crosley furniture suits most contemporary homes and commercial spaces.  Choose from a wide variety of appliances based on your home needs.

Organize interiors with a touch of refinement.  Showcasing timeless designs, Crosley offers elegant storage units and cabinets.  If you are looking to improve kitchen interiors, the Crosley kitchen islands with smart storage enable easy arrangement of utensils.  The sleek coffee tables or TV stands for living rooms are all you need for a neat and organized living space.  Pick the right set of furniture and improve the aesthetics of your home or office.

Enhance your garden oasis with unique weather-resistant wicker furniture.  If you’re in need of relaxing seating, the Crosley wicker sofa set is a fine choice.  Available in various sizes, the Crosley stackable chairs are a suitable option when there are space constraints.  If you are on the lookout for a bar setting, the commercial Crosley bar patio set is sure to upgrade your outdoor decor. Crosley also offers a variety of fireplaces and fire pit setups for those cold winter months.

Are you looking for space-saving office essentials?  If so, the Crosley cabinets and computer desks are good choices.  The Crosley table clocks and classic phones are unique accessories that are sure to accentuate your interiors.  Elegant and utilitarian, these organizers are a smart way to improve access to supplies.  Ranging from Sienna bookcases to unique cabinets, Crosley has a charming collection.

Crosley offers a range of electronics and appliances to make life more convenient at home. From classic radio CD players to retro turntables, you can browse through a large selection of electronics.  The Crosley Bluetooth speakers are available in different sizes, from large pillar speakers to small compact portable ones.  

Set up your home with a sophisticated array of furniture and appliances available from Crosley at Sears.  From convenient cabinets to heavy-duty air conditioners, Crosley has it all.