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Cuisinart kitchen appliances:  Breeze through your kitchen tasks with Cuisinart’s range of kitchen gadgets that make life easy and convenient.


A Cuisinart kitchen is one that boasts of trendy design and innovative technology.  With minimal counter footprint and smart features, you can now take on any recipe without much ado.  After a hard day at work, getting food on the table is not an easy task, but when your culinary kitty is armed with the right tools, you can enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience.

The food processor takes its rightful place as a revolutionary kitchen appliance and with Cuisinart’s Elite Collection you are just one step away from delivering exceptional results.  The 14-cup processor comes with a 4.5-cup work bowl, a slicing and shredding disc, chopping, mixing and dough blades and electronic touchpad controls for ease of use.

When heading to the nearest Starbucks on a frosty winter night seems like a daunting task, Cuisinart ensures that you get your fill of a steaming hot cuppa.  The SS-15 12-cup coffee maker and single serve brewer stands out from the rest of the pack owing to its smart features and functionality.  So whether you are sipping solo or entertaining fellow coffee lovers, you can get that classic gourmet taste and switch between varied brew strengths.

Are you short on space and wish two appliances were rolled into one?  The Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven carries the tag of an innovative kitchen workhorse.  Now you can cover a whole gamut of functions ranging from broiling and toasting to baking and frying – all while keeping those calories under check.

Cuisinart’s collection of accessories include knife block sets, non-stick bakeware, barrel crock with tools, utility knives and smoker boxes.  Whether it’s making crispy waffles for breakfast or pasta from scratch – whip up meals in minutes while enjoying your favorite recipes.  The repertoire also features stand mixers, toasters, microwaves, slow cookers, kettles, hand blenders, electric charcoal, gas and burger press grills, ice cream maker and digital glass steamer.

Be part of the evolving landscape of culinary innovation with Cuisinart appliances.