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Dorel home furnishings:  Discover all you need to turn your house to a home with Dorel home furnishings at Sears.


Create sophisticated and smart interiors with Dorel furniture that makes efficient use of space.  With appropriate cabinets and tables for every nook and corner, Dorel home furniture helps you to organize your home in style.  With different hues and textures, these home furnishings are designed in versatile themes ranging from modish contemporary to rustic vintage. You can pick and choose pieces based on your taste for cozy and personalized spaces.

Living rooms are the face of a home and Dorel has a range of sofas and recliners to give you that welcoming feel.  The Dorel Jordyn daybed is a contemporary piece that suits most modern décor layouts.  Highlighted by tufted details on the gray backdrop, this spacious daybed is a fine example of Dorel’s subtle finesse in blending style with functionality.  Ranging from loveseats and TV stands to futons and dining sets, Dorel’s living space furniture collection is multipurpose in design.

Sleep in a space of warmth and familiarity with Dorel’s bedroom furniture.  For compact kid’s rooms, the Dorel loft bunk beds are a fine choice.  Designed especially for children, these bunk beds accommodate a dresser, desk, gaming center and a lounger comfortably.  If you are looking for solid platform bed, the Dorel Maven platform bed is a suitable option.  This modern profile design comes with a slat base which allows air to pass freely beneath your bed.

Accommodate all your essentials conveniently with Dorel storage solutions.  The Dorel Kendall utility cabinet meets all your storage needs while adding a pleasant vibe to the room.   Adjustable shelves allow you to store both large and small items without wastage of space. For pesky nooks or corners, the Dorel L-shaped desks are an ideal fit.  Designed with 2 levels of surface area, this handy workstation helps you to work while sitting or standing.  Making perfect sense of spaces, Dorel always offers an innovative way to organize your homer.

Embodying the principle of ‘form follows function’ beautifully, Dorel’s home furniture pieces are crafted with sheer brilliance.  Be it a multifunctional TV console or a snug twin bed, Dorel at Sears has all you need from the living room to the bedroom.