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Dremel Tools


Dremel tools:  Power your projects with tough tools from Dremel to tackle the toughest of tasks.


Whether it is woodworking, construction projects, home repair or furniture making, the repertoire of tasks is limitless and arming yourself with the right tools is paramount.  Dremel’s tool line is stashed with a power-packed assortment such as oscillating and rotary tools, multi-saws, flex-shaft tools and a host of accessories.  So roll up your sleeve, be the innovator and spearhead projects that matter the most to you to transform your home, office or any other space.

Dremel’s rotary arsenal is built for drilling, sanding, shaping, trimming and so much more.  Powered by Lithium-ion, Ni-Cad or alkaline batteries, these tools last longer between charges and are compact and lightweight.  The 4000-6/50 120V rotary tool is a high-performance variable-speed kit that keeps the buzz alive while you are in the middle of a crafting or artisan project.  Ace those delicate tasks like grooming your pet's nails with the 7300-PT, a miniature powerhouse with 2-speeds.  This tool is best suited for tasks that require a fine and nimble hand.

It’s not hard to guess why tool sets are a mechanic’s best friend.  The sight of bits, sockets, blades, brushes and accessories jostling for space in a tool kit is a reassuring sight.  These kits come with up to 160 pieces and are designed to latch onto any Dremel tool.  Whether it is cutting, sanding, polishing, grinding and carving tasks, get the job done in less time and with better results.

Tool fanatics will also be pleased with Dremel’s range of accessories that are for both the professional technicians and DIY-ers.  From the 8-pack multi-knife oscillating tool accessory and medium abrasive brush to the sanding bands and replacement chargers, you will have something that is designed perfectly for the job.

Unleash your potential as a woodworker or a technician and head to your workbench armed with an extensive array of tools.  Give your home improvement project a little spunk with neat trimming and clean finishing aided by Dremel’s power tools.