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Duracell Batteries:  Duracell Batteries Are Built to Last and Perform Efficiently So Your Devices Get All the Power You Need


Duracell is at the forefront of rechargeable technology and offers a comprehensive array of innovative rechargeable cells and top speed chargers.  It could be an electric toothbrush or a camera, with Duracell you can plug in both high and low drain devices for quick charging for multiple devices in your home and office. 

The Duracell Rechargeable Ion Speed Battery Charger offers amazingly fast charge times of up to 1-2.5 hours with 4000 mW of charging power. This charger is equipped with nine safety features and automatically shuts-off to steer clear of overheating.  Get the best of battery technology with the DURDLCRV3B ultra high power lithium battery, ideal for applications with regular drain and high current pulse.  This battery also has a wide operating temperature range.

Whether you are organizing the power needs of your friend’s outdoor event or need to tackle a roadside emergency, Duracell’s Powerpack Pro 1300 recharges engines that have up to 8 cylinders.  This tool has an 18Ah rechargeable battery with 1300A peak current.  Designed for heavy duty use, the pack is accompanied by jumper cables, an auxiliary power port and an LED flashlight.

Duracell’s repertoire also includes automotive replacement keys, micro charge cables, transponder keys, solar spot lights and LED lights among others.  Now you can work without interruption with power batteries that have a compact structure and designed to last.