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Energizer Batteries and Flashlights:  Ensure efficient lifetime of your electronic devices with Energizer batteries and portable light products.



Energizer lists a wide selection of miniature batteries for an extensive range of devices such as cameras, watches, pedometers, remote controls, glucose meters and so much more.  They are sturdy and designed to last.  Battery leaks are a thing of the past and you also get power that lasts a long time so you can capture moments on the go. 

The Energizer range includes regular and performance batteries such as Max, Ultimate Lithium, Recharge Universal and hearing aid versions.  The Ultimate Lithium is a workhorse in its own right and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest-lasting AA batteries.  It packs in a host of features such as a 20-year shelf life, leak-resistant build and performance in temperatures that range from -40ºF to 140ºF or -40ºC to 60ºC.  You could choose a pack of Energizer 100Aaa Ultimate Lithium Long Lasting Leak-Proof Batteries or the 9V Lithium battery with a patented safety mechanism and built for OEM applications such as medical, wireless security, safety, and industrial uses among others. 

Stay equipped with handy lights from Energizer, whether you are at home, work, outdoors or busy wrapping up that DIY project in your workshop.  The Hard Case Pro LED Headlamp is designed for hands-free operation in rugged conditions.  Pivot the light beam to focus on your work space better and with a 14-hour run time, you have a reliable source of light to keep you going for long. 

Energizer also offers an excellent range of battery chargers, key chain lights, power inverters and heavy duty jumper battery cables.  Protect your devices from battery (AA and AAA) leaks that could potentially cause damage for up to 2 years after they are fully used.