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Eureka Vacuums


Eureka vacuums:  Bid goodbye to allergies that drain your energy and productivity once the Eureka vacuums from Sears get down to serious business.


Your mission of making your home and personal office rid of dust, particulate matter, pet hair, pollen and other allergens finds a reliable ally in the Eureka appliances lined up at  Strictly striving to upgrade the quality of your life, these appliances help you create cleaner surroundings to breathe and live better.

Look through Eureka’s upright, cordless, stick, canister and handheld vacuum systems as you prepare to act tough on dirt.  Designed to clean hardwood floors, tiles, carpets and area rugs, the PowerSpeed series is an ideal choice when you are dealing with multiple surfaces.  The lightweight construction offers generous maneuverability and reduces fatigue so you can conquer dusty ceilings and furniture corners with ease.  The XL dust cup saves precious time by requiring less frequent emptying between sessions and the accessories included hand you flexibility to work swiftly.

Choose the PowerPlush when convenience is the need of the hour.  Doing away with a cord that may get in the way, this ergonomically-designed unit is ultra-portable at just 5.3lb so you can reach the tops of curtains and access low-pile carpets as well.  The combination of the motorized brush roll capture nozzle trap debris, big and small, so you can take pride in your cleanliness streak.  The Mighty Mite canister line simplifies bare floor and vehicle cleaning too.  The lightweight body comes in handy when you need to give your basement or garage a cleanover while the PowerTouch handle with fingertip controls make operation a breeze.

Understanding your need for handheld devices that can go just about anywhere, the Eureka store at Sears showcases the RapidClean and the EasyClean innovations.  Weighing just 2lb, the former is a savior when you need to clean hard-to-reach crevices and nooks.  The rechargeable Li-ion battery delivers the power you need; maintenance is made easy with simply washing the filter to maintain this unit.

Eureka also offers coffee grinders so you can make the perfect, café-style cup right at home.  Also included are HEPA filters for timely replacements, dust bags, mop pads, brushes and other accessories so you can ensure your clean equipment is in top form at all times.  

With vacuum systems, kitchen appliances and replacement accessories, the Eureka store at Sears is all about an effortless lifestyle.