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Friedrich Air Conditioners


Friedrich air conditioners:  Bid goodbye to oppressive heat and welcome the refreshing goodness of Friedrich air conditioners at Sears.


Get ready to combat fluctuating temperatures with the superior performance of Friedrich residential and commercial air conditioners at Sears.  In the business of keeping people comfortable, these appliances are all you need to create indoor climes that are conducive to your well-being and productivity.

Based on the area that needs to be covered, the type of functionality desired and the availability of mounting options, take your pick from mini split ductless ACs, wall units, portable models and the window type.  The Kuhl series harnesses latest technology to hand you control over your AC from just about anywhere.  Wireless compatibility lets you turn the unit on or off using your smartphone as well as program the performance to maximize energy savings.  You can use a single Kuhl unit in a room or group several of these to create a centralized system that you can control with just the swipe of a finger.     

For lighter applications in homes and offices, the Cilhl and the Wallmaster series fit the bill.  Offering cooling-only and cooling + electric heat functionality, the Chill line caters to your comfort through the year.  With capacities from 5450 to 23,500BTU/hr, these ACs can be placed in your bedroom or a larger space like your family entertainment area.  Multiple fan speeds, a 24-hour timer, auto-swing louvers and 4-way airflow control make these a delight to use.  If you are looking at replacements for an existing 27” sleeve, the Wallmaster is your answer.  The 20-gauge steel cabinet promises durability while the solid sleeve minimizes the effects of outdoor air.     

Beyond cooling and heating, Friedrich also focuses on improving the quality of the air you breathe by offering a series of purifiers and dehumidifiers.  The Friedrich AP260 removes pollutants from your immediate surroundings to bring down the threat of allergies.  Dust mites, harmful gases, foul odors, and airborne microorganisms – you name it, the AP260’s Intelligent Auto Operation senses and neutralizes them all.  If you have worries about mold growing on your furniture in the basement or mildew attacking your woodworking projects in the garage, the D50BPA and the D70BPA dehumidifiers are for you.  They remove excess moisture to keep the spaces feeling fresh and airy season after season.

With all its offerings focused on you being at ease and feeling your best, the Friedrich store at Sears is all set to be a part of your cool lifestyle.