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Fujitsu:  Upgrade Your Home and Office with Fujitsu Technology Products at Sears

For a tech savvy and efficient lifestyle, look no further than Fujitsu electronics at Sears.  Whether you’re a gadget lover in search of a reliable gaming laptop or just looking for the right scanner for your home office, Fujitsu has everything you need.  From document and imaging scanners to sleek mobile phones, the product range is extremely versatile.

The Fujitsu laptops at Sears are sleek and loaded with features.  If you are on the lookout for a reliable laptop for work or study, the Fujitsu Lifebook series is a smart choice.  Designed with integrated WLAN and Bluetooth, this laptop series is easily portable.  The Fujitsu Lifebook T731 tablet laptop is uniquely designed to convert from a standard notebook to a tablet easily.  Equipped with a bi-directional swivel hinge, this tablet/notebook is sleek and convenient.  A perfect companion for students, the T7311 tablet laptop offers inking capabilities to convert handwritten notes to text.

Equip offices with smart scanners from Fujitsu for quick and efficient functioning.  The Fujitsu Scansnap Evernote bundle scans 30 sheets per minute comfortably.  The Scansnap cloud links the Scansnap to cloud storage providers like Evernote, Drop Box and Google Drive.  For document scanning, the Fujitsu fi-7260 document scanner offers advanced paper handling and faster scanning speeds.  The flatbed design ensures smooth and neat scanning of documents.  Be it for personal or official use, Fujitsu offers the right choices for both.

The brand also includes smart phones in its product collection.  Slim and loaded with features, the Fujitsu Arrow series phones are quick and easy to operate, leaving you with a comfortable user experience.  The new Docomo business phone is a unique model designed for the Japanese market by Fujitsu.  With 8GB storage, this model works with radio bands and xi/ FOMA.

Ranging from office scanners to personal smart phones, Fujitsu provides innovation to enhance your daily routine.  Get all your smart electronics from Fujitsu for an experience you’ll never forget.