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Gree Air Conditioners:  Gree air conditioners are designed to fit seamlessly in any home and help save on energy costs.


There is nothing more relaxing than stepping into a cool home after a hard and tiring day out in the sun.  Gree air conditioners help you experience a high level of comfort minus those spiraling energy costs.  These top performing appliances are loaded with plenty of features, have a trendy design and help you keep the sweat away.  There is a right fit for every home even if there are design limitations or you have minimal room to spare.

Gree’s LIVO+ wall mount units are designed to heat and cool a single room.  The Gree LIVS36HP230V1B wall mount ductless mini split air conditioner is a space saving unit that delivers 36,000 BTU of energy and can cool an area up to 2,000 sq.ft.

Gree’s Vireo range is propelled by their popular G10 inverter compressor system so your energy spend is also considerably reduced.  The minimalist design and quality build ensures years of reliable use in any traditional or contemporary home.  The MULTI30CVIR305 - 30,000 BTU Multi21+ Quad-Zone Wall Mount Air Conditioner regulates temperature well so the room remains uniformly cool all day. Operating at 59dBA, the noise level is minimal, allowing your baby to sleep comfortably.

When functionality and style is what you need, then Gree’s Livo range is a top choice for homeowners who seek to add a dash of personality to their living space.  Equipped with a High efficiency G-10 Inverter Technology, the Livo packs in a host of features that include intelligent defrost, blue fin condenser, I Feel mode, multiple speed fan and sleep mode among others.  Stay cool and comfortable in summer with Gree air conditioners.