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Haier Kitchen Appliances:  Upgrade Your Home with Efficient Haier Appliances from Sears


Enhance the functionality of each room in your house with smart technology from Haier.  Ranging from compact refrigerators in the kitchen to sleek televisions for the living room, Haier at Sears offers a wide variety of appliances that simplifies your daily lifestyle. Continuously innovating, Haier seamlessly integrates your homes with technology to enable smart and efficient use of time.

Home entertainment is taken to new heights with Haier appliances.  The Haier 1080p LED HD TV offers a sharp and high definition viewing experience.  Designed with superior dampening and rich sound texture, watching action movies at home is a pleasure with this LED TV. Featuring an ultra-slim design with a built-in DVD player, the Haier 60Hz LED HD TV is a reliable choice for home DVDs with its multiple inputs and HDMI connectivity.

Equip kitchens with Haier refrigerators to preserve the freshness of food and to keep your drinks chilled.  With tempered glass shelves and easy-to-access freezer bins, the Haier bottom-freezer refrigerators focus on user comfort.  For compact spaces, the Haier 2-door refrigerator is an ideal fit. With unique features like dispense-a-can, this refrigerator offers a unique blend of space and functionality. When it comes to commercial needs, the Haier deep freezers with a tough durable exterior and thermostat control are the best choice.

The Haier product range also encompasses a useful selection of kitchen appliances like ice makers, grill-touch microwaves and free-standing gas ranges.  Haier makes cooking and serving a hassle-free task with a large selection of smart appliances.  Sleek and durable, these appliances fit well into most modern décor schemes.

Get the latest Haier appliances from Sears for comfortable living.  From cooking ranges and HVAC to TV stands and motor parts, Haier has all you need to transform your lifestyle.