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Honeywell Thermostats, Air Purifiers & More


Honeywell thermostats, air purifiers and humidifiers:  Make no compromise on comfort with the line of Honeywell products at Sears.


The Honeywell range of home security and safety products lined up at Sears will help you keep an eye on your home when you are not around.  The digital steel security safe that can be used within home and office can securely hold jewelry, cash, documents, or other hard-to-replace items.  With features like programmable digital entry, motorized door lock, LED readout, concealed hinges, recessed door and rear panel you can rest assured that all your valuables are safely locked up.

Combat fluctuating temperatures and keep your living spaces cool and comfortable with the superior performing Honeywell portable air conditioners.  With an array of affordable, convenient and effective models to choose from, these appliances can be quickly moved in and out of different rooms to keep everyone at home equally comfortable.  The MM series portable air conditioner with heat pump is an all-in-one unit to beat the heat.  Seamlessly combining an air conditioner, dehumidifier, fan and heater into one single unit, you can control this efficient appliance from just about anywhere with the remote control.  Based on the specific area that needs to be covered and the type of functionality desired, this model comes with everything required for a secure and hassle-free installation.

For lighter applications in homes and offices, the Honeywell HZ-850 ThermaWave Heater fits the bill.  This portable appliance uses ceramic heating technology and turns your cold-as-ice room into a warm and inviting paradise.  This portable heater features an adjustable thermostat and simple to use manual controls to regulate the room temperature adequately.  The 2 energy-efficient heat settings help you set the room temperature according to the hour of the day for optimal comfort.  If the unit is ever tipped over, the tip-over protection switch automatically turns the appliance off, providing a worry-free user experience.  Feel snug as a bug during those cold winter days with this portable tower heater from Honeywell.

Other than cooling and heating, Honeywell also focuses on progressively improving the quality of the air you breathe. Sinus problems or breathing trouble?  The Honeywell humidifiers can help you breathe easier.  The true HEPA allergen remover removes pollutants from your immediate surroundings to bring down the threat of allergies. This compact and energy efficient air purifier feature a tower design which captures dust mites, harmful gases, foul odors, and airborne microorganisms.  By bringing home this air purifier, you can tackle mold growing on your wooden furniture or mildew attacking the valuable properties in your garage.

With all its features focused on you being at ease and feeling your best, the Honeywell store at Sears keeps you fresh and airy season after season.