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Hugo Boss


Hugo Boss: Make a lasting impression by choosing from the timeless and classic styles of Hugo Boss at Sears.


Create authentic and trendsetting ensembles with the modern, clean designs of Hugo Boss at Sears. Ranging from business wear to casual styles, Hugo Boss caters to the need of a modern individual in every way. Be progressive in your daily fashion by picking the right apparel or accessory that suits you.

Dress suitably for every occasion with the Hugo Boss apparel collection. Hugo Boss products arrayed from one-button formal blazers to swim trunks and graphic tees.  Focusing on fresh trends that upgrade your everyday look, Hugo Boss apparel has smart clothing for both men and women.  Distinguishing your fashion and dressing for the part of your daily role is made stylish and easy.

Match your outfits with the right pair of shoes from Hugo Boss footwear for a complete coordinated look.  If you are looking for workwear shoes, the Derby and Chelsea boots are a fine choice.  On the casual side, the footwear styles include slide sandals for indoor use and fashion sneakers for evening walks or outings.  Comfortable with a modern twist is the key style of Hugo Boss products that is evident by the wide variety of footwear.

Highlight your ensemble with sophistication by choosing Hugo Boss accessories. Sporting a classic timepiece that adorns your wrist is a chic way to establish your look. Be it shower gels and deodorants or an Eau De Toilette sprays that sets the tone of your look, Hugo Boss accessories has something for everyone. Opting for the right line up of accessories truly sets apart your style with a touch of elegance.

A wide variety of fashion apparel and accessories from Hugo Boss bring out your individuality. Create ensembles for business and leisure wear with ease with Hugo Boss products at Sears.