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Hunter Boots:  Wear your style with confidence in a smart pair of Hunter boots from Sears.


The mighty boot stands tall among style-conscious women who are ready to pull off a rugged and trendy look effortlessly.  The boot’s vibrant appeal makes it a versatile choice that can be worn all year round.  Discover Hunter’s range of boots at Sears that stand out from the rest with ankle-hugging leather, gentle toe contours and smart designs.

Strut around town in a pair of ultra-minimal or super stylish boots to keep up with the parade of fashionable city dwellers.  A pair of Chelsea boots jog your memory back to the time when they were an indispensable part of your footwear collection.  The Hunter’s variety is a rework of the classic with natural and vulcanized rubber and a matte black finish that helps you take on rainy weather.  The refined high gloss, quilted, closed toe, mid-calf boots make a serious style statement even during inclement weather.  Crafted from quilted natural rubber with a glossy finish, these boots have an adjustable buckle with gusset for a snug fit.

The Royal Horticultural Society boots are designed for gardening enthusiasts and are built for comfort and style.  This limited edition pair comes with floral paintings and special features that offer extra protection for better grip and easy release of mud. Hunter’s collection of rain boots for women are well-suited to handle puddles, slush and cold weather.  Before the heavy rains unleash their rough side, choose between a pink original gloss mid-calf version and the subdued violet waterproof Wellington boots.

Little toes can stay warm at wintertime with Hunter’s range of tiny boots, like the classic version with a natural rubber outsole.  Pair them with an array of fleece or boot socks with crab, cable knit or octopus cuffs.  The selection of socks for men and women offer a gentle lining for your feet and the lineup includes floral tall boot, half cardigan and short or tall fleece welly among others.

Stay comfortable on your days off with a chic pair of Hunter women’s sandals to complete any ensemble.  Flat, strappy gladiators look cute with a short skirt or summer dress while wedges can be used to dress up a casual outfit.  Heading for a family barbecue or pool party?  A pair of flip flops is all you need. If you’re going to the gym or planning a weekend hike, choose all-terrain shoes to keep your feet protected through any kind of weather.

Revamp your shoe collection with an amazing selection of footwear from the Hunter store at Sears.