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Intex Pools and Accessories:  Enjoy the summer season with Intex pools and water sport accessories at Sears.


Relax and rewind in the comfort of your backyard with versatile swimming pools and outdoor equipment from Intex at Sears.  Ranging from fun pool inflatables and floating airbeds to rafts and kayaks, Intex offers all you need to experience some fun in the sun.  Choose your backyard pool or indoor accessories from a wide selection of Intex pools and air mattresses.

The Intex pool collection varies based on size and shape.  From rectangular, above-ground swimming pools to smaller lounge pools, choose a swimming pool that best fits into your property.  The durable design and easy assembly make the prism frame pool a popular choice for backyards.  The mermaids by sea snapset pool is a smaller kiddie pool that is specially designed for kids to cool off during the summer.  Pick the right model that suits your family and enjoy unlimited fun all through the year.

Let kids experience their first stint in the water with innovative Intex rubber floats and ride-ons.  Ranging from colorful inflatable balls to cute float mats, you will find an interesting array to choose from.  Featuring convenient drain pumps, the Index kiddie pools allow for quick water filling for playtime entertainment.  Creative and colorful, the variety of pools and airbeds are a fun addition to the summer holidays.

If you are keen on water sports and outdoor adventures, Intex lake boats are a good option.  Designed to be highly resistant and durable, these boats and kayaks are great for campers and fishing enthusiasts.  Equipped with a pair of dual bladed oars, the kayaks are the right way to experience river activities.  Cruise around and enjoy sunset on the lake in your very own sturdy, inflated boat. Intex also offers a collection of air beds, sofas and beanless bags for indoor fun.  The built-in pumps ensure instant inflation for added convenience.

Get the right accessories to maintain your pools like ladders, maintenance kits and electric travel pumps.  The Intex pool maintenance kit includes filter pumps, nozzles and scrubber vacuums for a thorough cleaning process.  The Intex saltwater system offers clean and refreshing pool water to swim in. Discover an easy and smart pool cleaning solution that saves both time and energy.

Get all your water sport and pool accessories sorted with Intex at Sears.  From small fun inflatables to adventure kayaks, Intex has it all.