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Jabra Store

Jabra Headsets and Bluetooth Speakers:  Stay tuned in with the huge selection of Jabra headsets at Sears.


Whether you are looking to make business calls more efficient or seeking better clarity as you tune in to your favorite music, Jabra has it all in its wide range of sound systems.  Choose from a variety of versatile products ranging from speakerphones to noise-cancelling headphones at the Sears store. 

Get exceptional quality sound and calling with Jabra BIZ 2300 Mono USB headset.  This noise-cancelling piece comes with an in-line intuitive call controller that allows you to be more productive at work.  This heavy-duty headset is perfect for contact centers with its breath-resistant microphone that provides clear audio.  

If you are looking for wireless headsets, Jabra has a wide range of easy to control and carry headphone models like the Jabra PRO 9460 Duo with Lifter (10 Pack) which is a wireless headset that includes touch screen for easy access.  Easily handle calls with this user-friendly unit.  This headset utilizes noise-cancelling technology and advanced digital signal processing to effectively block out background noise.  Get up to 10 hours of talk time with this useful headset model.

Make drives more fun with the Jabra Wireless Bluetooth Hands-free Car Speakerphone Auto Kit Speaker phone.  This 3-speaker stereo system includes virtual surround sound that delivers crisp audio every time.  Eliminate any background noise with the dual microphone technology available with this modern speakerphone for cars.  And best of all, the Jabra Freeway speakerphone is a hands-free unit which makes for safe driving.  Now you can take conference calls from your car with the voice control call screening feature.

Increase your work place efficiency significantly with the Jabra Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) for Polycom Phones.  Using this switch, you can easily take and drop calls, adjust volume or mute a call even 300’ away from your work station.  Now you can multitask hassle-free and enjoy increased mobility with this wireless device.

Get all-in one benefits of a fitness app with the Jabra Sport Pulse Bluetooth Wireless Headset.  This headphone also acts an in-ear heart rate monitor that tracks your health status.  The monitor works with the free Sport Life app.  Train to perfection with these noise-cancelling headphones.  This headset connects to your phone via Bluetooth so that you can answer calls effortlessly when running.

The Jabra store at Sears has an extensive collection of the best in technology when it comes to speakers and headsets.  Get the best sound quality with Jabra audio accessories.