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Jet Tools:  Tackle Any Task Confidently with Jet Tools from Sears


Every trade has its tools and any craftsman knows the right tool for the project is critical.  Jet offers the perfect blend of quality and innovation with a vast range of machinery to meet all your needs.  Focused on durability and safety, you will find access to a brilliant selection of Jet woodworking tools, metalworking tools, lifting systems, air tools, shop tools and hand tools at Sears.  Whether you are starting a workshop from scratch or engaging in a few DIY projects at home, Sears has everything you require.

The art of woodworking is a skill in itself and if you are in the carpentry industry, it is essential that you have the right equipment at hand.  Jet offers a large selection of tools like table saws, dust collectors, band saws, lathes, drill presses and planers.  You can even choose from a wide range of jointers, sanders, mortisers, grinders, scroll saws and other accessories.  The brand has your back, no matter what task you undertake.

Expand your skillset with a large collection of Jet metal working tools.  Whether you are a DIY junkie or an expert in working with steel, Jet has everything you need to revamp your garage.  From turning tools like lathes and milling tools like mill drills, be sure to choose accessories that help you to finish a job efficiently and easily.

If you have a warehouse or distribution space, transporting materials from one place to another involves some heavy lifting.  Sears brings you a range of Jet lifting systems that are designed to offer safety and stability in your line of work.  Some of the products include heavy-duty beam clamps, hoists and cable and grip pullers.  If quality and dependability are your top priority, then JET lifting systems are exactly what you’re looking for.  Not only is this a much more productive way to work but it also prevents the risk of injury.

Other interesting equipment from the brand are air tools, shop tools and hand tools.  Every Jet machine is built and tested to meet high tolerance standards in order to ensure consistent quality and precise operation.  Shop all the Jet tools you need from Sears.