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Keurig Coffee Makers:  Brew your morning coffee in no time with Keurig coffee makers from Sears.


Choose a reliable Keurig coffeemaker from Sears and enjoy delicious morning coffee every day. Now, making that morning cuppa is no longer a hassle thanks to Keurig’s quick and sophisticated coffee making process. From the Keurig Classic series to the compact K-cup pod coffeemaker, the brand showcases a range of coffee machines.

For a home or studio setting, the Keurig single serve K15 model is your go-to coffee maker. This model functions with auto-shutoff that helps you to go about your daily activities without waiting for the coffee to be done. The Classic K50 series is a more suitable choice for bigger families and larger quantities. Designed for 6-10 ounce servings, the appliance features a drip tray that is removable to fit a travel mug. The heavy-duty water reservoir holds enough water to brew fresh coffee throughout the day.

If you are on the lookout for coffeemakers for an office or commercial environment, the Keurig K15 commercial brewing system is just what you need. Designed with direct-water-line plumbing, the whole office can enjoy fresh beverages whenever they want. The quiet brew technology operates without disturbing the work environment. Delivering single cups of coffee, tea or hot cocoa, all you need is the right K-cup and you are set for long work hours with both, hot and iced beverages by your side.

Keurig also offers a range of accessories for coffeemakers. The Keurig K-cup coffee carafe features a stainless steel body with an easy pouring handle for your convenience. Compatible with all Keurig 2.0 models, the interactive technology of these carafes deliver perfection. Stock up on a wide array of Keurig K-cups in bold and tantalizing flavors, from English Tea to Italian Roast. These cups are easy to use and help you to avoid a messy grinding affair. The instant cups are also sealed and protected from moisture and light. Suited for an individual serving, choose a coffee cup when you’re heading for a morning jog or when you’re running late for work.

From compact to commercial, Keurig has coffeemakers in all shapes and sizes. Pick the model that suits your daily lifestyle and wake up to experience the taste of perfect coffee every morning.