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Lasko fans and heaters:  Escape the summer heat with Lasko fans from Sears.


Stay equipped with everything you need for a warm and comforting home with Lasko’s range of gadgets designed to work in any type of living space.  After a long day at work there is nothing more refreshing than coming to a cool home to unwind.  The right fan is just what you need for that much needed relief from a hot spell.  Perhaps it’s wintertime and all you want is a toasty area to kick back and watch that Netflix series with a hot chocolate in tow.  Find the right heater to keep you warm as you relax on a cold day.  Lasko has the answers to all your indoor heating and cooling requirements. 

With a small footprint and versatile features, the humble fan may well be the best bet for a hot summer day.  Lasko fans boast a whole range of functions as well as whisper-quiet operation.  The Lasko 3016 16” oscillating wall-mount fan with widespread oscillation is a remarkable option for mid-sized rooms and is equipped with head tilts and locks for directional cooling.  Blowers are a great choice when you need to focus heat on a specific area to cool, dry, ventilate or exhaust and this brand presents some of the best models that can be speed adjusted and are propelled by a reliable ball-bearing motor. 

Combat harsh winter nights with Lasko ceramic heaters to suit your living space.  The bladeless versions have exclusive heat channels to project long range heat and the EZ touch digital controls make it convenient to toggle between different functions.  The units come with built-in safety measures such as overheat protection and a cool-touch exterior. 

Air purifiers need not be drab-looking appliances that are hidden in a small corner of your room.  They can be sleek, stylish and super-efficient like the Lasko Pure Platinum Slim Profile air purifier with remote control and auto clean features.  With a 3-stage filtration process, you can be assured that your home is nearly smoke, dust, odor and allergen-free.  This energy-star certified purifier comes with a fresh air ionizer and can get rid of air contaminants up to 160sq.ft.  The collection also features humidifiers with optimal energy draw and creates an ideal space for children and pets to live, breathe and play happily. 

Get your home ready for any season with Lasko appliances that offer safe and simple heating, cooling and purifying solutions.