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Enjoy the small and big moments with Libbey glassware from Sears

Libbey (LBY) is the leading glassware company in America and one of the largest tableware suppliers in the world.  Libbey offers the perfect blend of quality and creative innovation with a vast range of glassware products.  The extensive selection of designs includes high-quality tableware, glassware, ceramic dinnerware, metal flatware, hollowware, serveware and home decor items.  No matter what kind of celebration, the Sears store has something for everyone.

A drinkware set is crucial when you’re trying to set the mood or vibe for a particular occasion.  The Libbey Orbita embossed waves 16-piece glassware set is a generously sized beverage set that contains glasses for milk, juice, sodas and tea.  If you’re a fan of iced teas and chilled drinks, make sure to check out the Libbey Carolina iced tea set.  This eye-catching set includes 6 stemmed 16-ounce glasses and an ample 90-ounce pitcher for your backyard barbecue parties.

Did you know that the kind of glass you choose has a surprising impact on the taste of your wine?  That is why we have the Libbey Vina white wine glass set.  Featuring a slim design with an elegant stem, this glassware set is a stunning addition to your collection.  Each stem is meticulously crafted and fitted with a beautiful flat foot.  The result is a tastefully stylized glass made for joyous celebrations.  The bowl's narrow rim directs the flow of liquid to the center of one's palate to highlight the silky texture and delicious flavor of the wine.  And for those who prefer different glassware for different drinks, we have the Libbey stemless wine glasses for red and white wine.  This set contains 12 pieces for your everyday casual dining and especially when you’re playing host to family and friends.

Find suitable glassware for your favorite beverages with the Libbey range of glass products at the Sears store.  Our impressive collection of drinkware includes cocktail glasses, water glasses, juice glasses, beer mugs, tea cups, margarita glasses, and wine glasses for every occasion.