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Linksys Routers

Linksys routers:  Choose a Wi-Fi system that is customized to your needs with Linksys at Sears.


Slow streaming videos and downloads are a thing of the past with Linksys modems, routers and Wi-Fi systems. There is truly nothing more fulfilling than connecting with the people you love and being a part of their life experiences. Stay connected all the time with Linksys’ impressive Mesh Technology.

Linksys’ Velop is a modular mesh Wi-Fi system that configures to your home so you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming and gaming. The Velop nodes can be placed in any part of the house with each of them adding 185sq.m. You can add as many nodes as you need to fit into the floorplan. The WHW0302 Whole-Home Wi-Fi comes with innovative dynamic tri-band technology for a fast connection and full-strength signal. The footprint is relatively smaller than traditional networks and what you get is smooth connectivity and an unobtrusive design.

Linksys’ Max-Stream Wi-Fi routers are a great choice for gaming aficionados and movie buffs where speed and reliability matter the most. The EA9500 Max-Stream AC5400 MU-MIMO gigabit router offers edge to edge coverage for your home at speeds that are truly unmatched. Now you can plug into that all-important video conference call minus the lag and get a better rate of file transfer, all while the rest of the family is downloading the latest movie in HD.

Linksys’ WRT routers are the benchmark for innovation and customization. These routers function akin to an open source router that can be personalized to your firmware. The AC3200 Dual-Band Gigabit Gaming Router is a portable power house with a killer prioritization engine. Built for high performance gaming, this device ensures that you stay on top of your game whether it is streaming, gaming or voice chatting.

Share everything from those small, meaningful moments to the biggest events in your life with Linksys’ dual band Wi-Fi range extender, the Advanced Multimedia AC1200 smart Wi-Fi or the Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge. The range of accessories include USB Wi-Fi adapters and multi-share transmitters.

Now you can stay plugged in and spontaneously connect to those who stay just around the corner or are oceans away. With Linksys at Sears, the freedom of connectivity is truly unparalleled and stays true to their tagline - ‘Set You Free’.