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Miele Products: Enhance Your Lifestyle with Domestic Appliances from the Miele Store at Sears

A well-known name in home appliances, Miele is known for creating products of high-end design and performance.  Shop the entire range of products designed for the efficient maintenance and cleaning of your home.  With a design focused on convenience and technology, Miele products offer efficient and reliable quality of cleaning.  Enjoy a neat and comfortable surrounding with the right home appliance by your side.

If you are on the lookout for vacuum cleaners, the versatile types available at Miele is the smart way to go.  From cylinder to upright vacuums, there are choices available based on the space or type of flooring.  In case of a carpet and hard floor cleaning area, the Miele C3 canister vacuum is ideal.  The electro brush provision and self-adjusting automatic settings allow easy transition from hard floors to carpets.  Are you worried about cobwebs and nooks?  If so, the Miele Tactical upright vacuum is a fine appliance choice.  Equipped with supporting pieces like crevice tools and extension wands, this vacuum cleaner reaches ceilings and cleans upholstery effortlessly.

Manage pet dander and allergens with Miele U1 cat and dog vacuum.  The AirClean 3D efficiency and powerful filters ensure meticulous removal of fuzz.  Operating with swivel technology, the vacuums from Miele offer easy movement and maneuvering through the toughest of paths.  The stages of filtration and special Hepa filters stop the harshest of allergens from escaping. Trapping dust and microbes completely, you can now stop worrying about house allergies and infections from pet dander.  To tackle different surfaces, Miele accessories include telescope wands, upholstery tool, efficient dust bags and Hepa filters.  Replace your vacuum parts easily with the Miele accessory section at Sears.

Be it vacuum cleaners for different types of flooring or high quality filters for dust removal, the Miele store at Sears has all you need for a total house cleaning.  Get your Miele vacuums and start dust busting today.