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Mitsubishi Projectors-Accessories:  Enjoy the best of modern technology with Mitsubishi Electronics from Sears


From automotive tools to home improvement products, Mitsubishi provides an entire gamut of solutions that can transform your life for the better. Browse through a wide selection of Mitsubishi electronics and accessories to suit your needs and immerse yourself in the world of modern-day, high-end, smart technology.

Sears stocks a full inventory of Mitsubishi projector lamps that can be used on multimedia projectors. The Mitsubishi VLT-XD8000LP Projector Lamp is a universal model that is designed for the Mitsubishi UD8350LU, UD8350U, UD8350U BL, UD8400U, XD8000U, XD8100U, WD8200LU, WD8200U, and XD8100LU projectors. With an average life expectancy of 4000 hours, the light bulb transfers images onto the screen through the air for improved visibility.

Getting ready for your next DIY project? Fix that squeaky brake, knocking engine or clicking starter with parts from the Mitsubishi Automotive collection and keep your vehicle in top shape. Whether you need reliable auto parts to deal with a specific issue or if you're just looking for the right accessories, Mitsubishi has everything you need. Maintenance of power tools is now a breeze. From fuel filter assemblies to air filter kits, make sure your outdoor tools always perform efficiently.

Covering various products and multiple solutions, the Mitsubishi store at Sears sets a benchmark in quality and precision. Check out a diverse range of products to suit your everyday lifestyle.