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Nikon Cameras


Nikon cameras:  Capture life’s beauty and turn passing moments into lasting memories with Nikon cameras at Sears.


Have stories to tell that can’t be put into words? Then show them to the world, frame by frame, made at times faster than one hundredth of a second.  Enter the Nikon universe where every pixel comes alive with details, every close of a shutter is towards perfection, every picture is for – and beyond – a lifetime.

Pour through the Nikon gallery and pick your weapon of art from DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, compact digital ones and film SLRs.  Begin on a good note with the D3400 which is driven by a 24.2MP image sensor and an EXPEED 4 engine.  The lightweight body is easy to handle while the Guide mode offers step-by-step assistance on how to use the many features.  The best part?  The SnapBridge app links the camera to your Bluetooth device so you can instantly share your latest photograph with your friends and family on Flickr, 500px, Facebook, Instagram or VSCO.  If the professional in you prefers to go the FX way, the D850 beckons with its 45.7MP sensor, 64-25600 ISO range and full-frame 4K UHD video capabilities.  Be it commercial events, professional portfolios, wedding and fashion photography, landscapes or multimedia projects, the D850 rises to the occasion.

Think mirrorless and the Z7 looms large.  Focused on capturing more light, this invention is designed with a 45.7MP sensor, continuous shooting at 9fps, a full-frame lens mount and NIKKOR lenses that deliver razor-sharp details.  Explore the 4K Ultra HD prowess of this lightweight powerhouse and put together fluid visuals that will connect, touch and inspire.  If you are all about the nostalgia of darkrooms and the romance of film, the 35mm F4.0 and the FM10 take you back to the traditional processes of photography.

Urbane and trendy, Nikon’s Coolpix range of point-and-shoot cameras look at simplifying creativity for the generation that’s on the move.  Impressive zoom ranges, sleek bodies, Wi-Fi connectivity, flip-out displays, multiple modes and filter effects look forward to making concerts, family gatherings, celebrations and travels all the more memorable.  When adventures loom on the horizon, make sure the KeyMission is part of your gear.  Designed to take high-quality photographs and record crystal-clear videos, this compact companion will be the one to tell your circle of the day you went deep diving, the hours you spent climbing a peak, the chance you had to get up close and personal with a tusker and the nights that blessed you with starry galaxies.

Nikon also offers a wide array of lenses, flashes, cases, batteries, microphones, filters and cables so you can keep building and reinventing your passion to freeze time.

Take your pick from the wide range of cameras and make Nikon your trusted ally in your pursuits to show the world in a whole new light.