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Ninja kitchen appliances:  Enhance the functionality of your kitchen with Ninja home appliances from Sears.


Equip your home with necessary utilities by choosing from a vast array of Ninja home appliances.  Be it mincing, chopping or coffee making, Ninja has all you need to quicken your cooking prep.  Pick from a range of food processors, coffee brewers and air fryers to make your daily life easy and convenient.  Ninja at Sears also houses a variety of storage solutions like tumblers, flasks and lunch box holders.

Prepping for cooking is easy with the right set of appliances.  The Ninja professional blender is an easy way to blend ice, fruits and vegetables. Enjoy a healthy smoothie every day with a powerful blender by your side.  For a uniform and smooth texture, the Ninja master prep food processor is a great choice.  Equipped with dual technology for uniform cutting, this food processor provides consistent results.

Stay energized to tackle those Monday morning blues with strong coffee in just minutes.  Designed to brew a fresh cup of Joe, the Ninja coffee bar carafe system saves time.  For quick snacks like crispy fries and bacon, the Ninja programmable air fryer helps with oil-free cooking.  Functioning with a wide temperature range and a splash-free design, these air fryers are extremely convenient.  Select smart appliances to reduce cooking time and improve efficiency in the kitchen.


Be it appliances to speed up cooking procedures or smart sensor coffee makers, Ninja has all you need for an efficient kitchen. Discover a sophisticated lifestyle with appliances from Ninja at Sears.