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NuWave products: Stay productive in the kitchen with NuWave appliances and cookware from Sears  


Change the way you cook and update your kitchen with stylish cookware and appliances from NuWave.  With a vast collection of ovens, air-fryers, digital pressure cookers, slow juicers, induction cooktops, digital skillets, precision induction woks, air fryer convection ovens, coffee makers, vacuum storage containers, vacuum blenders and healthy ceramic non-stick cookware, the brand has everything you need to make your day-to-day life healthier and easier.  All the products are thoughtfully designed with the latest smart technologies.

Engineered to perfection and allowing you to discover a world of culinary possibilities, the NuWave 20632 Oven Pro Plus with Extender Ring Kit has bake, broil, roast, grill, dehydrate and steam functions.  For energy-efficient cooking, this oven combines the technologies of conduction, infrared heat and convection.  Enjoy the benefits of triple combo cooking with various other ovens like the NuWave 20329 Pro Infrared, NuWave 20631 and NuWave 20522.

The NuWave 36001 Brio 3qt. Digital Air Fryer lets you enjoy your favorite snack the healthy way.  The fryer uses little or no oil and is convenient to use.  With a perfect capacity of 3 quarts, this appliance can help you prepare a variety of snacks simultaneously.  The fryer is compact and features a stylish design to enhance the appeal of your kitchen.

Prepare anything from pastas, mashed potatoes and stir fries to sauces, meatball gravies and sandwiches with efficient induction cooktops and cookware from NuWave.  The induction cooktops are smart appliances that heat your cookware directly resulting in minimal energy wastage and faster cooking.

Cook the perfect meal for your family and friends in a jiffy with the vast range of top-of-the-line appliances from NuWave.  From grilling fish and chicken to baking your favorite sponge cake or brewing the perfect cup of hot coffee, this collection will help you do it all easily and in style.