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Keep your baby safe and snug with top-quality baby care products from Pampers

Watching your baby sleep snugly in the warm comfort of his crib is a sight to behold.  Till you are awakened by the call of a diaper change. Pampers understands those soft bums well and offers a range of quick absorbing diapers that are designed for different activity levels, sizes and stages of little lives.  With Pampers, newly christened parents can now tackle those diaper changing tasks while bonding with your baby.

For starters, there are Pampers Swaddlers, which are one of the top choices of hospitals across the US. This smartly designed diaper comes with a wetness indicator and unique Absorb Away liner that keeps the wetness and mess away from your baby’s soft skin.  Loaded with extra absorb channels, you are assured of dryness for up to 12 hours.  Further the heart Quilts liner gently wraps around their delicate skin and the contoured umbilical cord notch is designed to protect that tiny belly.

Playtime usually translates to a tornado of activities and constant motion that pushes the diaper out of position.  Now there are Pampers Cruisers to the rescue with 3-way fit that attaches snugly to the waist, legs and bottom, and topped off with their favorite Sesame Street designs.  Introduce your toddler to the big bad world of underwear with Easy Ups training pants with a stretchy waistband.  The dual leak guard barriers keep the mess intact and they can be removed immediately with the easy tear sides.

Most parents have nightmares of waking up to soiled sheets and the consequent deep cleaning.  Not anymore with the Pampers UnderJams, a set of disposable underwear for boys and girls, so they stay dry through the night.  With a NightLock ultra-absorbent core and a breathable fit, your child feels comfortable and dry so they kick-start the day right.

The Pampers Pure Protection range is diapering in its most pure form minus the fluff of latex, chlorine bleaching, fragrance parabens and EU 26 allergens.  Crafted from plant-based fiber and other skin-loving materials, these diapers ooze sustainability and come with a cotton-enhanced outer cover.  No baby essentials kit is complete without those mildly-scented wipes and their unscented counterparts. Bundled in a pack or a tub, these wipes are thick, have a soft-grip texture, hypoallergenic and leave no traces of mess post cleanup.

Embrace parenting in style and keep the baby kitty stocked with Pampers products so your little munchkin stays happy and dry all day and night.