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Rayovac batteries and flashlights:   Acquire a reliable light source for all your utility needs with Rayovac batteries and flashlights at Sears.

Upgrade your lighting accessories with Rayovac flashlights and batteries from Sears.  Built with innovation and reliability, each of the Rayovac’s flashlights are utilitarian and durable.  From rechargeable flashlights to powerful indestructible beam lanterns, Rayovac has a diverse range of intensities to choose from.  The versatile battery collection available helps you to pick the right match easily for your flashlight.

Be it your bedside table flashlight or a high-performance LED spotlight for an outdoor search, Rayovac has got it all.  For example, the Rayovac Beast rechargeable LED flashlight is a sturdy choice for late night adventures.  Featuring a durable housing and a portable design, this flashlight is convenient to carry around in your backpack.  For heavy-duty use, the Rayovac Sportsman LED spotlight is suitable.  Equipped with rugged pistol grip handle and 3 light modes, this spotlight can be adjusted to the user’s needs.  The shatterproof lens and reflector enhances the durability quotient.  Based on your requirements, whether for indoors or outdoors, these flashlights come with varying levels of toughness and ruggedness.

Rayovac also provides batteries for different purposes.  Sleek and creative, the Rayovac 110-lumen pen light battery is unique.  Suitable for slender light sources and pen torches, this battery is reliable.  In case of industrial applications, the Rayovac lantern battery is a sturdier choice.  Built to exceed performance demands, these heavy-duty batteries offer long standing durability.  The battery choices also include AAA alkaline batteries and advanced hearing aid batteries.

From small hat clip lights and camping lanterns to hands-free auto focus headlights, Rayovac offers a whole new level of innovation.  Pick the right sized flashlight for your everyday needs from Rayovac at Sears.