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Rheem water heaters and appliances:  Choose reliable and durable day-to-day Rheem appliances from Sears.


Enjoy a consistent supply of warm water at home with sturdy Rheem water heaters at Sears.  Housing HVAC and AC systems for comfortable indoor environments, Rheem equips homes with all the essential facilities for comfortable living.  Ranging from natural gas tank heaters to liquid propane high efficiency heaters, Rheem offers a wide range to choose from based on your requirements.  The parts and replacement motors for the appliances are available easily for quick repair.

Take a warm bath to relax and rejuvenate your body with your Rheem water heater.  The Rheem electric tankless water heaters are a good choice for large families.  Compact in design, these appliances have the capacity to heat a shower and 2 sinks at the same time.  The temperature can be easily adjusted to suit different comfort levels.  For quicker functioning heaters, the Rheem self-modulating electric tankless heater is a popular option.  Designed to heat up to 2 showers and 2 faucets, this heater is very efficient.  Now, with ample capacities and types to choose from, Rheem offers you a heater that solves all your hot water requirements.

For colder regions where heating systems are a must, the Rheem 5T 2-stage furnace offers ample warmth and works wonders to create cozy interiors.  The HVAC systems are both, reliable and convenient to operate.

The brand also offers utilitarian parts and accessories like valves, thermostats and condenser fan motors.  Maintenance and repair of Rheem appliances is convenient with the parts readily available.  Ensure warmth and comfort in your homes with durable Rheem water heaters and appliances from Sears.