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Rockwell Tools



Rockwell Tools:  Pick from Rockwell’s Tool Arsenal at Sears to Get Your Job Done Efficiently

Do you want your next home improvement project to pack a big punch? Rockwell’s collection is geared towards the professional technician and the DIY-er who is keen to stock up a cache of durable, versatile and powerful tools.  Optimal weight, better ergonomics, and high power and precision are the hallmarks of Rockwell’s tools, so now you can get the right piece of equipment for tasks relating to sawing, cutting, sanding, drilling and grinding.

Rockwell’s collection is littered with power saws exclusively designed for the woodworker.  Be it while remodeling your home or cutting parts for furniture, get the right tools you need after they have been tested for reliability and functionality.  Among the saws, you will find the unique ShopSeries RK7453 9" band saw with light that can re-saw wood to make veneer and bend laminations.  The saw features a flexible work light and micro-adjustable rack for enhanced precision and accuracy.

Rockwell’s array of sanders comes carefully crafted so the tension can be adjusted and the belt changes are faster.  Sanding is generally considered a tedious task but can now be done quickly with the right tool from this brand. The brute strength of the RK7866 belt disc sander is hard to beat.  The belt platform can be adjusted for horizontal or vertical sanding while the table itself can be tweaked for sanding beveled edges.  Work your way effortlessly through grits till you reach that level of smoothness you need.

Getting the right tool accessory is pivotal in turning your project around in a short span of time.  Rockwell presents a collection of small pieces of gear so you are equipped to handle any task.  For rasping or coarse grinding, there is the Sonicrafter triangular carbide grit rasp blade while the Sonicrafter RW8942 adapter bushing comes with a hex interface that fits in varied oscillating tools.

Add a professional flourish to your project with Rockwell’s array of tools.